Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

The Right Time to Forget You

I've never been this happy before
Until you came to me and smiled at me
I've never felt this feelings before
Until you shared your tears and laugh to me

You make me realized something
Something I couldn't describe
You taught me one thing
Which I say it love

But then I realized
That you didn't feel the same way
You have already got
Someone who can put your tears away

I know this is the right time to forget you
After one year long struggling with this crush

So why do I still have this feelings ?
I just want them to end
But what should I do
When they keep cominhg back again ?

They won't go away
No matter how hard I try

I don't know what am I supposed to do
I cannot tell you
Because I know that you'll just turn and walk away
So I'd rather break down and cry

Senin, 08 Februari 2010

the ice breaker ~.~

[mode bahasa-inggris-awut-awutan dinyalakan]

Good afternoon all :)
how's it going ?

this month,,
there is a special schedule for my English Class ...
I bet,
all my friends will like it :)

February's Schedule : IceBreaker
the task is so simple ~> we have to make a game, or song, or else, to be an icebreaker.
What is icebreaker ??
Yea,, i don't know what exactly it is, but i think it's a kind of activity which can make the students feel happy and not bored with all stressing school lesson. Just like an intermezzo for us, but it doesn't out of the lesson we study.

[mode bahasa-inggris-awut-awutan dimatikan]

saya kehabisan kosakata =.=
oke, oleh karena itu saya berencana untuk memposting kegiatan icebreaker yang dibuat teman-teman saya mulai minggu depan..

termasuk icebreaker gak mutu yang saya ambil dari buku.

oke well,,
segitu dulu dari saya kali ini.
maaf gak mutu banget.


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