Know me better ;)

Hello guys :D

welcome to my blog

maybe many of you wonder who the blog owner is..
so,, this is me :D

My name is Hanifah Eka Permata Sari. I'm a freshmen in a state university in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. I make this blog when i was in my 10th -or 9??- year in school. This blog is pretty old, isn't it? Ehehehe
Now, I'm in my not so sweetseventeen. Yeah. I born on a month in 1994. I'm totally moody, childish, not so smart, happy-go-lucky, and a shipper of Super Junior's Yesung. No, no, I'm not an ELF... actually, i don't really like them :p *no offense

Ummm.... what else??

Well, actually, my first purpose to make this blog is only for telling my reader about an average life of a below average high school student. Love story, friendship, high school, and anything.... But since now I'm a college student, of course no more cheerful and memorable high school life *actually, i miss my high school days :'(

Well then, you've know who is the not so famous average and normal college student who wrote this blog.
Last but not least,
enjoy reading! :)

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