Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

belajar blogging dari awal lagi ~ T_T

So, guys..

Somehow i....

...forgot how to modify a blog =_=

Seems like I got an amnesia or something, I only remember a few things about modifying my own blog. In addition, this new interface is killing me =_=
What the heck happened to blogger since the last time I updated my blog, like a year ago?

Okay, I know.. it's long enough for blogger to change the interface

I lost all of my 3rd party gadgets link, forgot all CSS codes -or whatever it is- I learnt, and still not familiar with the new interface *Triple Combo* . Ummm.... Maybe i focused on school too much in the previous year. Yeah, you know, senior in high school.

but, well...
I just wanna say this thing:

if you find my blog sooooo boring and lame, I apologize :(
I wish I'll get enough time this year to make my blog more and more interesting :D

er.... wish me luck :)

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